Recent participation in some photography forums has piqued an interest in doing a Project 365. Photography has been a hobby on and off for over 40 years and in the last 18 months my interest has intensified. So I've decided to jump in, give it a shot (no pun intended) and see if I can shoot every day for a year.

My expectations for this project are that it will provide motivation to expand my skills both behind the camera and in post-processing and provide a vehicle for experimentation. My photog pal Doug has been a great mentor, so I want to publicly say thanks; this is your fault (kidding of course).

It is going to be a learning experience, so any and all comments, critiques and encouraging words are welcome.

Thanks for viewing.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Divine Window?

5/14/10 - Day 147
Kind of bizarre today.  Walking to the office from the train, I saw this sun spot encircling one window on a building two blocks away.  Pulled out the point & shoot, zoomed in as far as possible and finagled the exposure best I could.   Wondered who that window belongs to?  Later, I checked the Daily Shoot assignment and it related to shooting shadows. My shot was ALL in shadow except for the one sun spot, effectively the Daily Shoot inverse.  Submitting it anyway.

Prior to starting my Project 365 last December, I probably wouldn't have even noticed, or certainly not appreciated, this photo opportunity.

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