Recent participation in some photography forums has piqued an interest in doing a Project 365. Photography has been a hobby on and off for over 40 years and in the last 18 months my interest has intensified. So I've decided to jump in, give it a shot (no pun intended) and see if I can shoot every day for a year.

My expectations for this project are that it will provide motivation to expand my skills both behind the camera and in post-processing and provide a vehicle for experimentation. My photog pal Doug has been a great mentor, so I want to publicly say thanks; this is your fault (kidding of course).

It is going to be a learning experience, so any and all comments, critiques and encouraging words are welcome.

Thanks for viewing.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Minutes from the Office

3/17/10 - Day 89
It was a magnificent day out, so at lunchtime I wanted to do the Daily Shoot assignment: "Grab your camera and walk 2 minutes in any direction.  Stop.  Find a photo worth making from where you stopped and post it."  Actually, I took two shots;  1 minute and 3 minutes respectively, after leaving the office.  By the way, there was no post-processing on that blue sky...it's real.


  1. Must've been a beautiful day in the Wind City! Is there a better architecture city in the whole country? Not in my book -- love those towers!

  2. Thanks! It was a great day, but back to cold and maybe snow this weekend. :(